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スラムではじめたNozomi HT Gakkoの活動記録

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It was raining and I thought the gathering of parents would be difficult. Shashirekha san, the Project Manager, had visited the slum on Saturday and had informed people about the timing. As I reached there, I saw only three women and some children waiting, Ken san was there, I was accompanied by Dei san, in a few minutes also arrived Katai san. Ken san told me that Shashirekha san had gone out in slum in this rain to remind people of the meeting.

Soon she came back, accompanied by some children, she smiled as usual and said that people are coming and soon the room was full. We all sat in front of people facing them.

I started the conversation; first about our activities, our teachers, our programs, and also about problems we face.

The biggest we have, is the shortage of class rooms. We have just one room, naturally the slum has more children than the space we have – they wouldn't fit in. We can not provide everyday tuition to all slum children. Most of parents want to send their kids daily to Nozomi HT Gakko and they also asked for this, I had to explain the situation. I said, we can provide more teachers, but unfortunately we don't have any other place to hold more classes. We have already divided classroom in two parts, one for lower classes and the other for junior high school classes. I told them that we will be teaching all the subjects, but the emphasis will be on mathematics, science and English. Parents agreed to my points, but said they keep forgetting days, on which a particular class is taught. I had to write the Time Table on the board and explain it to everybody. Some of the parents are not literate and this is another problem. They don't understand the importance of sending their kids regularly to the school. Out of all those people, we met, almost all were interested in sending their kids to school.

Teachers had informed that some of the kids go to play in the neighboring ground at the time of school, at home they tell their parents that they are going to Nozomi HT Gakko, but they are never their. This issue was raised by Shashirekha san. This is a serious issue, because if children don't study they will fail in school examinations and parents would think that we are not teaching properly, since they are unaware of fact. Parents really want these kids to study. I said, 'we take the responsibility of teaching standard and teachers. You please take the responsibility of kids and assure that kids are coming to classes.' I added, for monitoring the classes one of our team members visits the school everyday, in this manner we control the teaching standard and assure that all problems of all kids are addressed in a proper manner. You all live in this community area, please give your 5 minutes to check the presence of your child in Nozomi HT Gakko. Please visit school sometimes to check, whether your child is going to study or playing in the ground. In this manner we may assure their presence in classes.

I think my words struck, as they all immediately agreed, now on they, I hope at least some of them, will be also visiting the school and this way we would certainly give good results.

Ken san and others including me think it would work. Please write your opinion. Your words value to us.

Sanyam for Hands Together
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Parents Meeting

昨日17日土曜日、Nozomi HT Gakkoの先生Dadaと、Naya Prayaのプロマネ シャシさんが二人で生徒の家庭を訪問。


そして、翌日の18日(日曜日)、これも二人の発案で、Parents Meetingを開催。


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nomination of class leader

We had around 20 students per day last week (from Aug 6th to 11th).
Students seem to be attached to Dada, Saurav and Santosh.

Last week, we selected one student per class as a class leader.
If there is any student who is absent from class, a class leader is responsible for visiting his / her house and encourage him / her to come. It will lead to bonding class mates one another as a study group. Nowadays, we found that students took their friends to this Nozomi HT Gakko and studied together. Class mates become good mentors and help one another. Good movements!

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4th August : Today's class

On Wednesday and Saturday, our classes are open for 6th and 9th Standard students.

12 students attended today.
For 3 students of 9th standard, Dada (nickname for Mr. Chakraborty) taught science and math. For 9 kinds of 6th standard, Saurav and Santosh taught English and math.
In the end of the class, 4 other 9th standard students came for registration. They will come for study from coming Wednesday.

We are now planning to select one student of each class for class representative. He or she may take leadership to call and motivate absentees to come to classes for study, gather / propose educational needs of each student, and strengthen mutual cooperation of class mates.

When we run something, we always find some areas to be improved. Through the students, we always see the life of families of these kids. Although we started our Nozomi HT Gakko without well prepared future plan, making a first small step on ground was very important. From our first small step, we can explore our future possibilities and our way to go.

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インドの大衆紙Hindustan Timesに、たった3行(縦2cm×横3cm程度)、たった1日、850ルピーで教師募集広告を掲載しただけで、一気に180人余りの応募者が殺到。さすがインドです。




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